Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue

told by Hans himself... :)

Here is my story....Just a few months ago I was living in hell; my owner hated me so much he was going to shoot me. I was never fed and only had rain water to drink. That is when I could muster up enough energy to pull my weights around that I was tied to. My owner, we will call “My Ex” told his sister that “he was going to shoot me, that I was just a nuisance to have around”. So she took it upon herself to make a daring escape plan for me. Auntie, we will call her, called the local shelters to no avail. They did not want me because "I had a home". Auntie called Arkansas Weimaraner rescue, there she told my story to a lovely woman by the name of Hermine Wilkins. She is the owner of Dogwatch Doggie Daycare and Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue. Hermine decided to accept me into the rescue there only if Auntie could get me there. So that sets the stage for my escape.  One day my Auntie came to visit with me after “My Ex” went to work, she untangles me from where I'm tied up, puts me dirt and all into her car. I was whisked away, now at my Auntie’s house she hid me away for five days until we could make the trip to rescue. I was finally out of there and had some fresh water, something I hadn’t had since I left my real mother’s side. It was a glorious five days to me anyways---if only I knew what was to come!

So here we go, my Auntie and me…Road trip! We safely arrive at Dogwatch. There is so much to see and do and hundreds of dogs. Well maybe not hundreds, but more than I have ever seen in one place. I greeted the staff and knew this was a much better place. I don’t even remember saying goodbye or thank you to my Auntie. It’s the last I would ever see of her. Paws…wipe tears from my face.

Ok…so like I said I greeted the staff and meet Mrs. Hermine Wilkins. I was then put into another car and in a few minutes we arrived at another building full of animals. Here I was handled gently, poked and prodded. Remarkably I was free from parasites and heart-worms, but I weighed in at a mere 41 pounds. Back to Dogwatch to spend the night…no log and stars above, but a warm blanket inside a kennel, different, but I liked it! The next day I went back to the “pokey place”. I got poked on some more and the next day I woke up without my manhood! “oh no, I thought, puppy rides are great and all, but the next one…my god what do have left I can live without…I've lost my tail, lost my manhood now; I don’t weigh enough to give anything else up.” I found out while I was in the “pokey place” Mrs. Hermine was making more plans for me and this is where my story…should I say my life began.

One early Saturday afternoon I was introduced to another lady named Jennifer Green. She seemed nice enough, so one last photo op with Hermine and goodbyes to Dogwatch, I was in this thing they call “Foster Care”. I had no idea what that was all about, but I liked the four hour puppy ride to my next place.

As we got out of the car, I could smell it…more dogs and more dogs! I didn’t know how many yet but this place smelled delicious! I first met a little Beagle named Harry, he didn’t care for me much. Next I met the most beautiful creature on the planet, another Weimy just like me; her name is Vivi “Olenothumbs” Green. Then I met a blonde babe named Kacee K Green, a Labrador. Then I met another weimy, but unlike me he’s huge, his name is Fatman FattyMcspaddy Green. Then I met the Anatolian Shepard, master of the house, in the dog world house anyways Macie Mae Green. Mrs. Jennifer introduced us all one at time to not scare me, after a while we all went out back for more informal butt sniffing’s. Oh glory day…I knew this was a good place because I could smell not only these five dogs, but many others before me.

September 24, 2011, I ate dinner in the kitchen out of the” bowl of fame”. The Bowl of Fame is just an ice cream bucket that mama wrote the names dates of her last five of 19 fosters. All of them have gone to great homes and have become famous in their new owners eyes. It wasn’t much dinner because I was on a strict diet eating three times a day to not gorge my skinny little tummy, but I ate right along with the others. Each doggie has their personal eating station and we share a water station. Mama, set me up a FaceBook account to tell my story. My name was Hans Watchmegrow Weim, and grow I did! Within 24 hours I had 100 friends. In three days I had 200 friends. Now I have over 1200 wonderful friends and counting.

Now a lot has happened since that first night, but I knew from this point forward I wanted to become “Hans Weim Green”. Mama made me real comfortable in my new environment, but it took me two days for me to come out of my kennel other than to eat and pee. I tried sitting on the couch. I was real scared, but Mama let me know that it was perfectly OK to do that here. 

Everything rocked along with the pack. I was gaining weight at alarming speeds, ten pounds the first week! Mrs. Hermine couldn’t believe that I was eating in the same room as the other dogs. She and my fans couldn’t believe how much weight I was gaining either. This was a really good life, and few weeks later I tried out mama’s bed, it was perfect! But as with all good things there has to be another side to the coin. I was barking at papa. Every move he made and I cannot emphasis “every move” enough.  Mama could do no wrong, until one day she tried an experiment to figure out all the things that I don’t like, or whether it was just men in general. We had company over and barked at everyone with short hair, guys and gals alike so she put her hair up in a bun the next day. I blew up at mama! Over the course of the next few weeks we learned that I did not like hats of any kind, jump suits, uniforms, camouflage clothing and the smell of beer or cigarettes on papa breath. Papa worked with me every day to ease my fears; he fed me, let me in and out to go potty and gave me treats galore when I stopped barking at him. He even bought my very own brand new mattress bed for my kennel. Although I eased up on my barking, the breaking point was when he called me by my nickname in a sweet Mama like voice “Honsy Ponsy”. Now I find Papa a cool dude and even though from time to time I still bark at him its short lived. Mama says that’s just because I am a very good watch dog.

I intergraded into every aspect of the “Green” lifestyle except for Fatty and I no longer got along and that’s when the real problem began. We have got into some pretty serious fights that have left Fatty in stitches and me grumbling at his very sight. Mama has tried desensitizing us to each other. Fatty stares at me and that makes me mad. He truly thinks he is boss. Mama used my Facebook page to ask for help, but everyone had different opinions. One thing was common; the out pour for me to stay with the Greens was just short of phenomenal. In just two short weeks we rounded up over a thousand dollars to assist mama in private training lessons. My name changed to Hans Watchmelearn Weim.


This is the day, 

for my right to stay, 

I will learn sit and stay, 

after that we can play. 

Although I am a weim, 

i want to be as green as a lime, 

for that we are paying a pretty dime, 

so now is the time.

Send out a smile and a cheer, 

for i must learn not to leer, 

then mama and papa can have a beer, 

for My name I must not smear.

In order for My name to be Green, 

i must learn not be mean, 

i should be crisp and clean,

and never never again lean.

So as I leave tomorrow on my ride,

please be by My side,

I can turn this tide, 

to make everyone gleam with pride!

By Hans


So let the training begin!

We met with Linda Laughlin; let’s just say that was not a good day. For one I had to ride in a crate, while Fatty got to ride up front. When I got to meet the trainer, I lunged and barked at Linda just like I have done the with past potential adopters and papa for months. The plan is to go to training every two weeks and it has made all the difference in the world. I don’t bark at papa any more, but I still don’t like Fatty. I know how to avoid him though, so all is good. In fact the training worked so well that mama and papa decided to adopt me for their very own on March 24, 2012. I had a virtual party on-line that day called Hans Green Day, 182 people from around the world posted pictures of their favorite dogs wearing something green in my honor. I also gave back to Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue by promoting their cookbook with a “Pawtographed” edition by me and my brother and sisters. Sold them out, 54 copies went to 5 different countries. Included in each copy was handwritten sheet with my Ponsy Prayer, on green paper of course.

            “I pray that a Weimy somewhere is getting rescued right now. 

             I pray that a Weimy somewhere is moving today to a good foster home. 

             Last but not least I pray that a Weimy somewhere is getting a “FURever” home today!


I am their poster child now, I go to functions with them to help spread the word about good work they do. I will continue my plight to help weimy’s in need everywhere. I'm happy and healthy now at 68 pounds and only about 2 1/2 years old. Mama takes me every where she can. My basic training went so well that I started agility training with Mama and Ms. Linda at K-9 Camp Laughlin. I passed beginners with flying colors. Now I am in Intermediate and we even started bringing my "fursis" Vivi (also a rescued weim) and she is doing "Pawsome" as well. I love the tunnels and high walks; she likes the tire and jumps. 

Thank you to all that voted and those that left wonderful comments on "A Dogs Purpose" contest where I won a signed copy of Bruce Camerons book. I am in another contest at running for Rescue Dog of the Year and Pet of the Year, holding on nicely to first place for $750 in value of goodies. Somewhere in all this we had my 1st Birthday/anniversary party too!!! 163 people joined me on Facebook to talk BACON and all things Green, except Eggs. No Green Eggs and Ham for me! I must be the only dog on the face of the planet that absolutely hates eggs! We played lots of music and danced the night away from one time zone to another. My only birthday wish was to raise more funding by having my friends donate to Mama in the name of AWR and boy did they come through. $1020, then Mama was able to have it doubled by means of a secret donor. $2040 raised in total for my birthday wish to help more weims like me!

To commemorate my first year in my new life, Mama put together a cookbook personally pawtographed by me, called HansWorld Cookbook,  with recipes from all my worldwide Facebook friends. Thanks to a wonderful donor (Mama) covering all the printing costs, we had another astonishing sale with 100% of the sales price supporting Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue. Seven countries now and all but 7 states know about Ponsy love!   I also have a full line of Ponsy Prayer items available at Cafepress and proceeds go to the rescue.   Born out of my love for AWR and rescue, mama and I operate Ponsy Prayers Blankeys for Rescue on Facebook, so check us out there as well.  Since my adopton there has been a growing FaceBook event every year called Green Day, on March 24th.  On this day we celebrate my adoptoin with a huge online auction and other activities supporting Arkansas Weimaraner Rescue.  Contact us at about purchasing a cookbook or for details on any of our other fundraising activities.  Whether I'm Hans, Honsy, Ponsy, Honsy Ponsy, or Ponsy Poo, from day one mama knew and it hasn't changed, my Face Book favorite quote is my own and syas, "I believe there is a God and Heaven on Earth so I'm gona be famous someday!"

Much Love,